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Comedy & Errors


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Comedy & Errors is a black and white anthology comic-zine collecting seven short stories of misunderstanding, misfortune and misadventure, written by Nick Bryan (hi!) and drawn by a range of excellent artists.

This is the first appearance of lead story Half-Baked Sacrifice outside of a Futurequake anthology collection a few years back, with fantastic art by Lukasz Kowalczuk (also seen on the cover), and frankly it's one of the best things I've ever been involved with. So buy the thing just for that.

The full comic contains seventeen pages of story (because I put one on the inside back cover), titles and artists below. Lettering by the artist unless specified.

"Half-Baked Sacrifice" with Lukasz Kowalczuk, letters by Deadbolt-01

"Farewell, Adventure Johnsons!" with Samuel M. Benjamin

"Out In The Open" with Aleksandar Bozic Ske

"Buzzed" with Sim Dagger

"Tearraform" with Felix Hinojosa

"Transcendental Rental" with Caesar

"Lily's Voyage" with Brian Flint